Our Most Popular Kitchen Designs

Our Most Popular Kitchen Designs

Here at Seymour Kitchens, we have been crafting kitchens for over 35 years. From the traditional shaker kitchen to contemporary handleless cabinets, we can design a whole range of different styles of kitchens. We are specialists in bespoke kitchens which have been crafted in our adjoining workshop, as well as fitted kitchens with our partners at Masterclass Kitchens.

With a huge number of different designs to choose from, we thought it would be helpful to summarise some of our most popular kitchens which we fit for our clients. If any of these ideas have inspired you to begin designing your kitchen with Seymour Kitchens, get in touch with us on  01483 573 989 or email seymour@seymour-partners.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you.

Bespoke Shaker Kitchen

The timeless design of the traditional shaker kitchen proves itself to be popular amongst our clients year after year – and we predict it will never go out of vogue. The term ‘shaker’ refers to the style of the cabinet, also known as a ‘5 piece’ door with 2 rails, 2 stiles and a recessed centre panel. Crafted in our adjoining workshop, the cabinetry is made to measure with only you and your family in mind to ensure ample storage space. The doors can be made in a huge range of colours, using only the best paints from Little Greene Co. and Farrow & Ball.

Contemporary Handless Kitchens

For a streamlined design, handleless cabinets make a great option. They have been gaining popularity in recent years looking great in modern properties where the surrounding features look and feel is similar. To add even more character to an older property, opting for a contemporary design juxtaposed against a very sharp contemporary kitchen adds a wow factor. Easy to clean and keep neat, these can be paired with a glossy finish for a truly modern aesthetic. If you’re into high tech equipment such as smart ovens and boiling water taps, these are guaranteed to sit harmoniously too.

Masterclass Sutton Range

Our fitted kitchen suppliers, Masterclass Kitchens have a large range of different designs. Most popular amongst our clients is the Sutton range. A flat slab door with a silk finish coming in many different hues, on both the inside and outside of the doors, they look modern and fresh. With the ability to withstand the demands of busy households, they are durable and timeless in appearance.

Blue Cabinets

Creating moody, atmospheric spaces with personality, dark cabinetry has been growing in popularity over the last few years and now is one of our most popular kitchen fittings which we do. Blue remains our most popular hue. Bolder than neutral tones, it is livelier and easier to design a look around. It works equally well in classic kitchens and gloss-finished contemporary styles, it is no surprise that our clients are picking blue for their new kitchens.


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