About Seymour Kitchens

Seymour Kitchens is an established, independent and flourishing family-run business that has been manufacturing and supplying fitted kitchens in Guildford and the surrounding areas for over 35 years. We are renowned for our craftsmanship, the quality of our installations and our attention to detail, but our foremost consideration is always the needs of our clients. Our background is in fully bespoke kitchens, which we both design and manufacture in-house, but we also offer fitted kitchens from some of Europe’s leading names. As you would expect, we are equally at home exercising our traditional cabinet making skills, or employing the latest technologies and integrating them into our installations. Whatever style of kitchen it is that you desire, you will find we have the skills, the craftsmanship and the enthusiasm to bring it to fruition.

We offer a complimentary costing service, our only request is that you pop into our Guildford showroom and have a look at what we offer, as well as picking up some brochures before one of our designers pays a visit to your home. If you would like to guarantee some time to talk to Chloe or David in the showroom, it is always best to call ahead, especially on a Saturday. Once we’ve developed a design and a budget cost, we will give you a call to chat about the design we can then go on to produce full 3D drawings and a plan for £250, deductible from any order. We can also work from architectural plans if the site is not existing.

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The Process

It always helps, in our view, to do a little homework before you meet with a kitchen company, by having a look on Pinterest or picking up some magazines to get a feel for the kinds of kitchens that are available and currently in vogue. Next, we recommend a trip to our showroom. On your first visit you might feel you just want to look around, but if you would like to spend a bit more time to talk through some of the options, then we would suggest an appointment, or calling ahead to ensure that one of our designers is available, particularly at the weekend. The next step is usually a site survey, where we can get a feel for the style and design that would work best in your home. If the site is not existing or is going to change drastically then we are more than happy to work from architectural drawings. From this meeting we can prepare a rough draft for the layout of your new kitchen, and give you an idea on budget. If you would like us to continue on with producing a full estimate, as well as some 3D perspectives and appliance suggestions, we can do so for £250, which is without obligation and deductible from any order.


A Seymour’s kitchen will probably not be the cheapest you will find nor, by a long way, will it be the most expensive option. But we would strongly contend that no kitchen company will be able to offer you better value for money. Cost is always important and we accept that everybody has a budget, but typically a Seymour’s kitchen will start at around £20,000, however some ranges do start at a lower price point. Although our initial consultations are without obligation, we will need to have a rough idea of your budget so that we can design an appropriate kitchen. In order to continue our work to produce full 3D drawings and plans, we request £250, deductible from any order placed. Once our estimate has been accepted, we will ask for a 25% deposit. After a full site survey we will prepare final drawings, and when these have been accepted a further 25% of the total will become payable. The next payment of 40% is required 10 days prior to installation, leaving the final 10% to be paid only when the kitchen is finished and only when you are totally satisfied that the job is complete. Payment terms may vary depending on the project type.


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