Kitchen Accessories

A great kitchen comes from thoughtful planning. It is integral to consider the accessories and little touches when putting together a kitchen design to ensure it looks and functions just in the way you and your family like it. Whether you are opting for a traditional or contemporary kitchen, having the right accessories is key to a functional space.

What Kitchen Accessories to get?

From dedicated spice storage units and pull-out wire baskets to flexible drawer inserts and rotating pull-out rotating larders, we have a whole host of storage solutions to pick from. Our relationship with Hafele has allowed us to access unique and elegantly functional engineering which helps to truly maximise how your new kitchen works.

pull out spice rack

Experts in Kitchen Advice

When it comes to kitchen accessories, we’re full of advice and recommendations based on our wealth of experiences and knowledge from over the years. Give us a call on 01483 573 989 or email us if you have any questions or would like to start designing your new dream kitchen today!

Accessory Inspiration

Spice Rack

Utilise every part of the cabinet – we recommend using the back of the doors for slim spice racks for easy access and visibility.

Drawer Storage

Bespoke drawer inserts for your drawers, giving all your cutlery and accessories a place.

Pull-out Baskets

Increase the efficiency of your cabinets by easily maintaining an organised cupboard where everything can be reached easily.

Corner Inserts

Make use of corners in your kitchen whilst still being able to easily reach everything.

Pull-up Electric Sockets

These discreet sockets are ideal for workspaces and kitchen counters.

Pull-out Bins

Hide away your bin inside a cabinet to keep the flow of the kitchen.


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