What does a Seymour’s Kitchen Cost?

We offer more than just a high-quality kitchen

A Seymour’s kitchen will probably not be the cheapest you will find nor, by a long way, will it be the most expensive option. But we would strongly contend that no kitchen company will be able to offer you better value for money in terms of our experience, personal service and expertise offered. Read our 5 reasons why to pick Seymour Kitchens for your next installation.

How much does a kitchen from Seymour’s usually cost?

Cost is always important and we understand that everybody has a budget, but typically a Seymour’s Kitchen will start at around £20,000. Please note, there are a few ranges that do start at a lower price point too. We offer our free design and estimate service to ensure that we can offer a design which suits your budget. Our estimates will always include cabinetry, worksurfaces and installation.

When are payments made?

Once our estimate has been accepted, we will ask for a 25% deposit.

After a full site survey we will prepare final drawings, and when these have been accepted a further 25% of the total will become payable.

The next payment of 40% is required 10 days prior to installation, leaving the final 10% to be paid only when the kitchen is finished and only when you are totally satisfied that the job is complete.

Payment terms may vary depending on the project type.

Crafted to last a lifetime. Designed for living.

From traditional cosy spaces, to sleek modern interiors, Seymour Kitchens are certain they can create the perfect space for you. 


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Speak to us

We will arrange a time to speak to you about your kitchen plans to hear all about your preferences – including style, household requirements, colours, what appliances you want etc – we’re here to answer all your questions!

Design Planned

Working closely with you to craft your perfect kitchen, each design is tailored to the client by hand. We can provide you with 3D visuals of the designs, adapting until you are fully satisfied. Timelines will be determined and design fees may apply for 3D visuals.

Cabinets Crafted

Once the design is finalised and the deposit received, your cabinets will then be made in our on-site workshop.


Installation will follow and your perfect kitchen will be yours to use.

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