Spotlight on the Miele Warming Drawer

Spotlight on the Miele Warming Drawer

Discover the benefits of the Miele warming drawer! Read on to discover all the benefits of this handy drawer. From slow cooking hearty dishes, to keeping food for “seconds” warm… find out more…

The Miele Warming Drawer, is a low temperature drawer which slips seamlessly underneath the oven. Becoming more popular by the day, this handy drawer can warm up plates and cups, slow cook food for flavoursome dinners and keep food warm until everyone is ready to eat. It is fitted with smart technology meaning you don’t even have to be nearby to control it. Below we list out some of the benefits of the Miele Warming Drawer.

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Heating you plates and cups

There’s nothing quite like getting food or drink served from warm crockery to compliment your heated cuisine. With the Miele Warming Drawer, you do not need to clear space from the oven and set the temperature for the this. Simply slip the plates in the drawer and power up from anywhere using the integrated smart technology at an appropriate time. And just like that, you’ve taken dinner experience to a new level.

Slow cook a meal

With the ability to set at different temperatures, the Miele Warming Drawer is perfect for use for slow cooking dishes. Known to help tenderise meats perfectly and bringing out flavours in foods wonderfully, slow cooking is not only extremely practical, the end result is also rather special.

Keeping food warm

Whether you are wanting to keep food warm for “seconds”, or your dinner guests are prone to arriving late, the Miele Warming Drawer keeps the food at the right temperature, meaning you can prepare in advance and serve up when the appropriate time comes.

Great for dinner parties

Bringing people together to enjoy food together in your home always feels really special. A moment to catch up in a relaxed environment. With the Miele Warming Drawer, everything can be prepared in advance so there will be no one stuck in the kitchen, unable to join in.


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