Seymour Kitchens Colour Predictions of 2022

Seymour Kitchens Colour Predictions of 2022

Over the past couple of years, many of us have spent far more time in their kitchen than usual. As well as having more appreciation of them, given they worked so hard to fit many more purposes, we’ve seen a shift in their design too. We have found that people are wanting unique spaces; kitchens that are more personalised and feel a little different and special.

In terms of colour trends for kitchens in 2022, we’ve had to look a bit outside the box this year. We believe that the great outdoors that we have all come to enjoy so much in recent times has led people to add touches of the materials that can found naturally to their kitchens. So, whilst we have selected a couple of colours, we also think that marble and different hues of metals will be donning kitchens up and down the country soon.

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Dulux Colour Of The Year: Bright Skies

Representing the return to freedom and symbolising optimism, is the Dulux colour of 2022: Bright Skies. It is an airy, light blue that feels fresh and open. It embodies the liberation we are all yearning for next year and conveys a calm, positive undertone. 


Far gone are the days where the touch of metal in the kitchen is limited to the sink and tap, we’re now seeing metals all around the kitchen, and it is not just silver in colour anymore. From doors and splashbacks, to handle rails, these gold and copper touches look opulent, modern, and original.


Given marble is too porous to use in the kitchen, we instead use marble effect quartz composites which mimics the original material perfectly. Creating a high-end finish to kitchens and with the ability to bypass trends, marble is set to take centre stage in 2022. As well as for work surfaces, you can now introduce this luxurious material as a splashback.

Dark Cabinetry

Growing in popularity over the last few years, dark cabinetry is here to stay. Creating moody, atmospheric spaces with personality, blue is still the top runner, but we’re starting to see more requests for deep green recently.


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