Introducing 11 New Farrow & Ball Colours

Introducing 11 New Farrow & Ball Colours

From a clean forest green, to a cool blue and fiery red, we’re excited to reveal that Farrow & Ball have released 11 new colours. The first additions in four years, they have been inspired by “joy, comfort and refreshment”.

For further information about any of the colours listed below, to see imagery of the colours painted in homes, or to find out more about Farrow & Ball paints, visit their website: We have taken screenshots of their new colours for the purpose of this blog but we would recommend looking at these on their website too for more accurate colours.

At Seymour Kitchens, all our bespoke kitchens can be painted in any of the Farrow & Ball colours, known for their high quality finishes. Need any advice or information? Email us at or call 01483 573 989.


The earthy, neutral tone of Stirabout is perfect for creating a warm, relaxed feel. With just a small hint of grey tones, in all lights, this colour will not feel cold. Pair with natural materials and fabrics to create a calm space.


Eddy is a soft, calm green which has been inspired by colours created through circular currents in wild fresh waters. It is a gentle green inspired by nature which looks fantastic paired with earthy materials.

Tailor Tack

Named after the thread used for tacking by Haute Couture’s, it is a delicate pink. Whilst extremely light, the colour has enough character to contrast with white. The colour works well in both traditional and modern schemes.

Templeton Pink

A beautifully warming pink, Templeton Pink works in both a contemporary and traditional setting. The shade is rich and historic and in shaded areas or in low-light can looks rather deep too.


The flame read colour of bamboozle is named after the word used to describe the deceit of pirates! It is a spirited red which adds warmth to modern and traditional spaces.

Hopper Head

Named after the iron containers that are used to catch rainfall at the top of a downpipe, Hopper Head is a classic charcoal colour. Modern and contemporary, this dark shade can create a dramatic space.


Describing itself as a “laid back blue”, this colour is familiar and warming even in dark or shady spaces.


Inspired by the colour of the wings of seabirds when seen in bright sunlight, Kittiwake is a cool and clean blue. Pairing well with stainless steel, this sophisticated blue is a real kitchen favourite already!

Wine Dark

Looking particularly glamorous in candlelight and intimate spaces, Wine Dark is a rich, dark blue is perfect for dining nooks.


A lively and playful green, Whirlybird created an upbeat space. Inspired by nature, it looks particularly lovely in the morning light.


A dependable, uncomplicated mid-green. A bright colour in daylight and a more subdued colour in the lower light of the afternoon or in the shade. It is a beautiful addition to modern and traditional homes.


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