Where To Store Your Kitchen Appliances

Where To Store Your Kitchen Appliances

Small appliances such as air fryers, mixers and bread makers are forever gaining popularity. Whilst these appliances have their obvious benefits in the kitchen, knowing where to put them is often their downfall.

Whether left out for easy reach which results in cluttered worksurfaces or put away in cupboards which means they must be hauled out every time they are used, neither of these solutions are perfect.

This is where the Concertina unit comes in. Opening up to give a continuation of the worksurface, this ingenious storage solution has many advantages.

Read up to discover these:

Appliances are hidden away

With not an appliance in sight, worksurfaces can be clean and neat.

Appliances are ready to use when you need them

The appliances do not need to be moved in order to use them – they can even be plugged in within the cupboard meaning they are ready to be used straight away.

Easy to clean

As the worksurface into the cupboard continues without grooves, it is easy to clean.

Bi-fold doors

Created with bi-fold doors, the concertina unit doors can be kept open without restricting movements around the kitchen while appliances are in use.


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