Highlights from Miele

Highlights from Miele


SoftOpen & Close – New hinges soften the opening and closing of the appliance doors.

TasteControl – New and exclusive, TasteControl avoids over cooking by opening the door at the end of a programme to rapidly cool the oven cavity.

MotionReact – On approach, the display is activated and the control panel is immediately ready for operation. When in use, the light will activate for a clear view inside the oven.

FoodView – The first pyro-fit camera available on the market. FoodView provides regular HD updates on your cooking progress.


Con@activity – Wirelessly connect the hob to the extractor.

TempControl – A staple of Miele induction, this intelligent temperature sensor technology maintains the pan at a precise temperature, removing the need to constantly adjust the heat.

FullSurface – No more cooking zones, Generation 7000 hobs equip the entire appliance with  a large cooking area. Available in 60cm, 75cm and 90cm.

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