Why Get A Kitchen Island?

Why Get A Kitchen Island?

Acting as the focal point in many kitchens, with extra space for amenities and storage, additional workspace for cooking and even creating seating options, the popularity of the kitchen island continues to grow. For, not only does a kitchen island solve problems, it also looks great!

Having a kitchen island is aspirational; it is the top of the wishlist for many of our clients. If you are fortunate enough to be in the situation of deciding whether to get a kitchen island, please read on below where we have summarised why we think they live up to the hype!

Design benefits

Having a kitchen island gives you the opportunity to mix and match colours and materials. You can make the island stand out by painting in a contrasting colour to the rest of your kitchen. For a more subtle difference, you can use a different worksurface material – with timber tops being our top choice as they are far warmer than quartz composites.

Additional worktop space

However big a kitchen is, worktop space never seems to be in abundance. With the ever-increasing numbers of cooking appliances there are on offer, the need for more preparation counter space is not going away.

No set design for an island

As a kitchen island is a stand-alone piece, there is no fixed size or shape. Apart from limitations on the size of some worktop materials (for example stone slabs usually come in 3m X 1.5m), you have total freedom in the design of your kitchen island. As well as the size, you can decide on its main purpose – whether this be extra storage, seating or worktop space, or a combination of all – it can be created bespoke to your lifestyle.

Extra storage space

As well as adding the obvious extra space on the top, a kitchen island gives you the option to add storage underneath. Whether you are in need of more cabinets or draws, or perhaps a wine fridge, as kitchen islands have no set design, it can be tailored to your requirements.

Informal seating area

By getting some stools propped up against your kitchen island, you can very easily create some additional informal seating. Whether your island has space or one or four, extra seating is always a bonus.


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