What’s In Our Showroom?

What’s In Our Showroom?

Our Seymour Kitchens Showroom in Guildford is the perfect place to come and visit if you’re wanting to get inspired and excited by new kitchen designs. A new kitchen is a big investment, not just financially, but also in the time taken for installing it, and given most people do not change their kitchen often, the long-term commitment to the design. And so, we understand how important it is for our clients to make the right choices. Whilst shopping online has never been easier, feeling the materials and seeing the quality and craftsmanship of a new kitchen cannot be done over a computer, so we think showrooms are here to stay.

Here at Seymour Kitchens, we have a variety of different kitchen designs installed within our showroom for you to view. Showcasing both traditional and contemporary kitchens, it will give you the opportunity to visualise designs which you may have not thought of before – you may even come to the realisation that your “dream” kitchen is totally different to what you had thought it would be!

We’ve taken a selection of photos from our showroom below, so you can get a taster of what we’re currently displaying. Visitors to our showroom continue to be by appointment only – simply email us at seymour@seymour-partners.co.uk to book session today. For the health and safety of our customers and employees, we continue to request that face masks will remain a requirement.

For any further information on what we have in our showroom, or to start designing your new kitchen, get in touch by emailing us at seymour@seymour-partners.co.uk.


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