Open Shelving in the Kitchen

Open Shelving in the Kitchen

One of the biggest trends in new kitchen designs in recent times is the addition of open shelving. It not only helps soften the design between long rows of cabinetry, but it also offers up the space add bespoke styling which is truly unique to the look and feel you want from your kitchen.

Whether you’re opting for a more traditional or contemporary space, open shelving will look great. You can develop the design and colours of the kitchen further by showcasing items that fit the “look”. What you decide to display will add a new depth of personality and texture to the kitchen. And what you can display? You name it, anything goes, if it has been thoughtfully placed, rather than just being used as quick storage.

Whether you’re low on space and so need these to be practical, or you have an abundance of kitchen cabinets, there’s a variety of different options of things to pop on your shelves. To give you inspiration, here are some ideas:


The perfect place to store cookbooks. Not only to do they tend to be attractive, but they are also good to be placed in an area which you easily grab them. Arrange in colour order to make a real visual impact!


Add botanical charm to your kitchen by adding plants to your open shelves. Trailing plants can look great when they are drooping over your units, making your space look organic and natural.


We’re not suggesting you add a packet of biscuits or jars of baked beans, but some foods are attractive enough to display in your open shelves. Try putting your pasta and rice into jars, or perhaps neatening up your herbs and spices – it can add a country feel to your kitchen space.

Attractive Cookware and Crockery

If you have a collection of plates with hues combining well with your kitchen, piles of plates and bowls can add to the style of your room by adding more pops of colours and textures.


For a contemporary kitchen where space is in abundance, modern, sleek ornaments can make a real impact on the design of the room.

The best thing about open shelves?

You can change what you want to display as often as you want – and within minutes you have altered the design of your kitchen slightly.

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