Why Are Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes So Popular?

Why Are Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes So Popular?

Utilising every cm of space, and curated with just your belongings in mind, bespoke fitted wardrobes will suit both your space and yourself. With little or no restrictions to contend with, your custom-built wardrobes will be exacting to your requirements, from ceiling to floor.

From deciding how many shelves you need to home your bags and shoes and choosing the hanging rail at a height perfected for your clothes, to drawer depth and number you need. A result of your own tailor-made wardrobes is that everything will have its own place. And the positives do not stop there! How it looks is also completely determined by you. The style and colour of the wardrobes are as you want them – meaning they can seamlessly add to your current bedroom or dressing room design.

Read on to find out details of the positives of getting bespoke wardrobes with Seymour Kitchens.

Hanging Rails

Long gone are the days when you need to open your wardrobe and find half of your hung long dresses piled up on the floor as the height of the hanging rail starts at your waistline. Or perhaps you have been wasting space for years, with a metre spare beneath your hung shirts and trousers? With bespoke wardrobes, you have the flexibility to decide the height – meaning those dresses can hang freely and space above and below does not need to be wasted.


As well as deciding if you want to opt for exposed or internal drawers, determining how many drawers and at what depth you want them, is also your selection. Whether you want large, deep drawers to store your sweaters, or a small area to keep your handkerchiefs safe, the drawers will be handcrafted in our workshop, exacting to your requirements.

Made to Measure

The most wonderful thing about bespoke fitted wardrobes is that not an iota for space is wasted. In contrast to a freestanding wardrobe, or even a fitted wardrobe, there is not the wastage top or sides of the wardrobe. If you have a sloping ceiling, no problem, our craftsmen will make the wardrobes fit to every nook and cranny, creating space that you never knew existed.

Your Design

When getting a bespoke wardrobe crafted by Seymour Kitchens, the design is your decision. From the look at feel of the cupboard doors, and whether you want exposed or internal drawers, to the colour choice – it can slip into the current design of your room. You can choose to either get the doors supplied primed, ready for printing, or if one of the colours from our suppliers at Farrow & Ball or Little Greene Co are what you want to opt for, we can take care of the painting too.


Whether you want pigeon hole shelves for your shoes, or more sizable shelves fitted to put your handbags or perhaps t-shirts, you can decide on the dimensions and how many you require. No one knows your belongings like you do, so a custom-built shelves will ensure that you have the space for what you need.

For any further information on our fitted wardrobes, or to start designing yours today, get in touch by emailing us at seymour@seymour-partners.co.uk.


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