Kitchen Splashbacks

Kitchen Splashbacks

Originally designed for practical reasons to sit behind sinks and hobs as a protector of kitchen walls, there is now a wide range of choice when it comes to splashbacks. Adding style and a pop of colour, texture or patterns to a kitchen, they can also act as a feature of the design.

From pretty country tiles in a traditional kitchen, or an aesthetically pleasing natural stone, to glass splashbacks which can be printed with in any pattern and colour, or one made of stylish copper, there’s a splashback to suit every kitchen.

Read on and get inspired whilst you discover our different options available. For any questions or advice, contact us on 01483 573 989 or email We look forward to hearing from you.


Tiles are the original splashback and they are not going anywhere. You can practically get any size, shape or colour tile and lay them in any order you decide. There are also different colour options for grouting too, meaning you can create a design which is unique to you. Given the range of different designs available, there are tiles to suit both a farmhouse traditional kitchen and contemporary industrial spaces. Allowing you to incorporate feature colours into your kitchen space and add real character, kitchen tiles work well as a splashback.


With the flexibility to create your own bespoke design including the colour, pattern and finish, as well the fact it can get cut into a custom shape, glass splashbacks are one of our most popular type to fit. They look great and are extremely practical being both easy to wipe down and with the absence of any grouting or joins, there are very hygienic too. They are toughened to withstand any heat source and for something truly personalised, you can even get your own image printed on the glass! The options are really endless.


Let your personality shine through by adding striking metallic accent to your kitchen by adding a metal splashback. Brass and copper tones are very on trend at the moment, especially when combined with wood or earthy stones to create a finish that feels cosy, homely and contemporary.


Adding a luxurious feel to a kitchen space, stone splashbacks have an effortless charm. Durable and practical, being able to withstand very high temperatures and easy to clean, they are a popular choice among our clients. For a high-end look and feel, opt for the same stone as you have used for your worksurface.


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