Discover Your Perfect Cabinetry Colour

Discover Your Perfect Cabinetry Colour

Gone are the days when kitchen cabinets are offered as wood or a few simple colour choices. There are now a whole host of exciting hues and tones to consider when you are making your selection(s). Whilst some colours will brighten a space and visually enlarge it, others will create the perfect sense of calm you have been looking for. Maybe this is the time you take the leap and opt for something bright with that “wow” factor? The choice is yours.

Here at Seymour Kitchens, we work with a beautiful range of different high-quality paints from our suppliers at Farrow & Ball and Little Greene. Our partners at Masterclass kitchens have a range of 27 different paint colours to choose from too, as well as textured finishes such as Deco and Madoc. 

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Farrow & Ball Paints

Farrow & Ball paints are well known for their high quality finishes and longevity on all types of surfaces. They have a wide range of different hues which have been created with care to work as stand alone colours or when part of a colour palette scheme. There is a vast collection of colours from subtle neutral tones, to muted rich hues and colours that pop. We can paint our bespoke cabinets with any of these.

Take a look at their website to see the array.

Little Greene

An eco-friendly, family-run business who specialise in paints and wallpaper, we really love what Little Greene stands for. There is a large collection of different luxurious paints which have been brought together over the centuries to celebrate all the key periods within British history. From timeless and warming tones based on natural pigments through to impactful blue-black hues and deep muted bronze-red from the Victorian era, there is a lot to choose from.

Take a look at their collection on their website.

Masterclass Kitchens

Our fitted kitchen suppliers, Masterclass Kitchens have a range of 27 different paint colours for their kitchen cabinetry as well as non-paint choices with a textured feel. Being specialists in kitchen design, the range of colours chosen by Masterclass are all carefully selected to work well in kitchens, with many combining well with one another for mix-and-match cabinetry.

View the Masterclass website


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