How to make the most of all your space in your kitchen

How to make the most of all your space in your kitchen

Whether you’ve got a large or small kitchen space, one of the most important requirements for our clients is ample storage which feels uncluttered and fresh. 

With all the gadgets & appliances available nowadays, as well as crockery for every occasion. Not to mention the pantry full of food, cabinets can fill up very quickly. With smart storage solutions, including cabinets reaching ceiling height and bespoke cutlery drawers, space can be created seemingly out of nowhere! As well as where to put everything, clever usage of lighting and colours can instantly create space too.

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Cabinets right to the ceiling

Utilise all your wall height for storage with large cabinets which go right up to your kitchen ceiling; with our own adjoining workshop, we can produce bespoke cabinet sizes of all heights. Be smart in your placement, with produce and appliances used daily in easy-to-reach lower spots and specialist bowls, plates and infrequently used gadgets tucked away at the top.

Drawers & cabinet interiors

Custom-built drawers and cabinets which are created with you and your family at the heart of the design will make a huge difference to how much storage you have. From whether you need deeper shelves for appliances or serving bowls, to how many drawers you require for cutlery and baking accessories, the choice will be yours. In addition, peg boards and pull-out racks can maximise on accessibility too, giving everything a place.

Make use of all the space

Whether you have a freestanding fridge, or shelves which stop at eye level, the space above can be used too. You could opt to have a top box which works well over a fridge, or perhaps an additional shelf added; you might be surprised at how much storage space was being wasted!


Ensuring the room is well lit will help create a brighter and airier kitchen, whatever the size. For galley or dark kitchens using reflective surfaces for a splashback (like glass) will help give more of a feeling of space.


A great tip to create a space that feels more open is to paint the wall units and tall units in a lighter shade, or for maximum effect, the same colour as the walls.


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