How to style your kitchen like The Great British Bake Off?

How to style your kitchen like The Great British Bake Off?

Whilst we’ve seen many things change in the Great British Bake Off over the years, from the presenters and appliances, to even the channel, one thing which has always remained firmly in place is the look and feel of the kitchen in the tent.

With the palette of pastel colours, and jars full to the brim of ingredients, we’ve all come to know and love the charming kitchen setting which has been on our screens series after series. Keeping the critical functionality of the kitchen, and never looking too busy or cluttered, here we summarise the components which make it all come together to create something so visually appealing.

There’s no denying its charm. If you’re looking for a timeless kitchen, similar to that in The Great British Bake Off tent, we can help make your dream a reality. 

Shaker Style Kitchens

With a flat centre panel and square edges, the traditional shaker kitchen is a timeless cabinetry door style which is both pleasing to look at and functional. Painted in an array of different colours from the pastel colours we see on the television, to white or bolder hues, you can decide how “Bake Off” you want your kitchen to be!

Pastel Colours

Evoking the delicious smells and tastes of freshly iced cakes and biscuits, pastel colours are very well suited to kitchens. As well as painting cabinetry and tables in these warming, uplifting colours, you can choose your appliances, tea towels and crockery in these shades.

Ingredients on Display

Most likely to have originated because of not being able to display products on TV, but up and down the country, ingredients are seen beautifully organised into attractive glass jars in kitchens. When neatly labelled and kept full up to the brim, we think they make a great display on shelves in kitchens and are obviously very practical too!

Displayed Crockery and Appliances

The Great British Bake Off has shown us that a fridge or a mixer can be a showstopper in kitchen décor! It is important to only display things with a similar feel and style, or risk things looking messy. For a look just like on the screen, pick a “vintage” style where the cheery patterns look aesthetically pleasing.


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