Our Kitchen Wish List

Our Kitchen Wish List

Planning to get a new kitchen? With so many new smart appliances and innovative storage solutions, there’s a lot to get excited about!

From smart ovens where you can turn it on remotely, so your dinner is perfectly cooked by the time you return home and taps with instant boiling and sparkling water, to bins with sustainability at the heart with compartments for all types of recycling and kitchen islands in all shapes and sizes creating a stunning focal point in your kitchen.

Read on to discover more. To start planning your new kitchen, get in touch with us on  01483 573 989 or email seymour@seymour-partners.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you.

Boiling Water Taps

A firm favourite of our clients, the Quooker boiling water tap is a game-changer in the kitchen. Distributing instant boiling water from attractive slimline taps; it saves a significant amount of time when making drinks and cooking anything requiring boiling water. Known to be easy to use, you can ditch the kettle and free up space on the work surface whilst saving on water waste as you will only use what you need. These taps can also be fitted with sparking water extensions too.

Feature Kitchen Island

The popularity of the kitchen island continues to grow, and we can see why. With extra space for amenities and storage, additional workspace for cooking and even creating seating options, it also offers up a focal point in the room for everyone to gather. As a kitchen island is a stand-alone piece, there is no fixed size or shape, and you have the ability to create something which is your own. Opt for a contrasting colour to the rest of your kitchen to really make it “pop”!

Smart Appliances

The future of appliances: smart appliances combine technology with the workings of a traditional appliance. From ovens connected to your phone letting you know when something is ready and induction hobs which adapt their cooking zones to accommodate different sizes of pots and pans, to fridges with touchscreens allowing you to monitor what’s in there, appliances are getting “smart” and if you’re getting a new kitchen, we think it’s worth getting these.

Great Storage Solutions

Every household has different storage requirements in the kitchen, so having bespoke cabinetry created for you and your family in mind will mean you’ll find yourselves with plenty more useable space through adjustable shelving and drawers. There’s also a whole host of different smart designs such as removing the central mullions within the cabinets which results in 30% more storage space, uninterrupted by barriers. Here at Seymour Kitchens, we have tonnes of ideas to maximise on storage space, so get in touch with your requirements, and we look forward to helping!

Bespoke Recycling Bins

As we all do that bit more for the planet, recycling is a way that everyone can play their part. With councils up and down the UK becoming smarter in the way they recycle, they are asking for recycling to be separated into different types so it can be processed more effectively. Getting bins to match these requirements when fitting out your kitchen is something many of our clients are now considering.


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