A Few Things to Consider When Choosing a Kitchen Worktop

A Few Things to Consider When Choosing a Kitchen Worktop

Kitchen worktops take the brunt of the work in a kitchen. They must simultaneously enhance the beauty of the kitchen, whilst being able to handle the culinary tasks of day-to-day life, from relaxed Sunday brunches to Christmas day lunch. Fortunately, there is no lack of choice when choosing the right work surface, from natural granites through to ever-changing offerings from Quartz Composite manufacturers.

The pattern you choose should complement the theme of the kitchen, either by sitting harmoniously with the colour palette and style, or by contrasting and creating a statement. Equally, it should be a style that you like, visually it plays a huge roll in the overall look of a kitchen, and a solid worksurface should last for decades.

Textures also play an important role, with many stones and composites having various finishes available, from glossy polished through to antiqued matt finishes. Combining cool stone with natural timber accents is a simple way to add warmth to a space. Texture should also being considered alongside your cooking and baking style. If you spend a lot of time making pastry, a smooth, cold stone would be the best choice, whilst I find kneading dough nicer on a timber top.

There are many dozens of options available, for more information or advice please visit our Guildford showroom.

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