Kitchen Trends for 2021

Kitchen Trends for 2021

Reflecting on the past year, one thing the majority can agree on is that we have spent more time in our homes than ever before. Each room working harder to adapt to our new way of living, and using their space to the max.

The kitchen has for many, become the most used and multifunctional of them all. If all this time has provoked you to overhaul your kitchen, what better time at the start of the year to get started?

With each new year comes exciting developments in design. Here at Seymour Kitchens, we’ve come together to determine our list of the 2021 kitchen trends. If any of these ideas have inspired you to begin designing your kitchen with Seymour Kitchens, get in touch with us on  01483 573 989 or email We look forward to hearing from you.

Dark Green Cabinetry

Tipped as a trend in 2020 and becoming steadily more popular in residential properties, the love affair with green cabinets is not going away. From olive to forest green, it symbolises energy, renewal whilst being calming and balancing. We think this trend is set to last.

Smart Technology in the Kitchen

Simply put, smart appliances combine technology with a traditional appliance – hence making them “smart”. From induction hobs which adapt their cooking zones to accommodate different sizes of pots and pans, to ovens connected to your phone letting you know when something is ready and fridges with touchscreens allowing you to monitor what’s in there, appliance purchases are being more considered than ever before. It’s set to be a hot trend for any new kitchen in 2021: why wouldn’t you want to be able to use a live feed from your phone to check how your cakes are rising in the oven?

Home Working

2020 saw the dramatic rise in homeworking. From papers drifting onto kitchen workspaces to the dining table becoming a desk, it really highlighted how much we need our homes to adapt to working from them. With homeworking set to continue for many, forming part of the “new normal”, Seymour Kitchens have already been tasked with kitchen designs bearing this in mind.

Broken Plan Kitchens

Dubbed as the new open-plan, the broken-plan kitchen is set to become the most sought after living space arrangement in 2021. With distinct zones created by partition walls, or glass sliding doors, it retains the sense of vast open-plan living, whilst allowing for privacy corners and quiet when required. It is a clever use of space set to remain.


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