Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Great kitchen lighting can make all the difference. From setting the right atmosphere when entertaining, to ensuring that you have a bright enough space where the cooking takes place, getting the lighting plan right has the power to transform your kitchen.

The kitchen, for many, is the most multifunctional room in the house. From eating, entertaining, relaxing and home-working, the lighting concept has to work for all. The lighting choices do not just need to be practical; your pendant choice could become the feature piece in the room. So often overlooked, and more often and not, the last thing thought about, we think that the lighting should be considered right at the start of planning your new kitchen design.

So, what are the things to consider with your new lighting? We have some thoughts below to inspire your choices.

Area lighting

Think practically about where you will be cooking: from chopping, stirring the hob and washing up, in these areas, you will want bright lighting. Known as area lighting, these can be created through spotlights above these areas to ensure there is focused lighting, where you need it.

Illuminate Under-Cabinet

Consider under-cabinet lighting to add a unique style to your kitchen. With few shadows and softer tones, you can opt to turn off the main lights and be left with perfect ambient lighting for entertaining.

Lighting Under Floor Cupboards

Why stop at lighting from above? On-the-floor lighting is the king of ambient lighting. It can transform the feel of a kitchen. Choose under-light just the kitchen island and the impact will be huge.

Highlight a Feature of the Room

If you want something to be the focus of your room, directing a light at it will do just the trick. Many of our clients select pendant lighting over their kitchen islands to create this focal point.

Design Benefits

Choosing a light fitting gives you the opportunity to add new colours and materials to your kitchen. Becoming a statement piece in themselves, you could pick a contrasting colour or opt for a large fitting, with a wow factor!


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