Boiling Water Taps

Boiling Water Taps

Are they safe? Are they actually boiling? Can I really get rid of the kettle? These are things most people ask us about boiling water taps once they’ve spotted the one in our showroom. And the answer to all of those questions is yes!

Safety is the majority of people’s main concern with a boiling water tap, but they are most definitely safer than a kettle. Firstly there’s no chance that it can tip over or spill. Secondly we’ve yet to come across a single brand that hasn’t also had safety as their primary concern, all have special features in place to make them as safe as possible. For example the spout on a Quooker tap never gets hot, and they have a childproof handle, as well as an aerated spout to ensure that it’s not a solid flow of boiling water.

Boiling water taps can be a little misleading sometimes, as not every brand of boiling water tap actually produces water at 100 degrees, however Quooker taps do. If you want to make a good cup of tea then you need boiling water.

One of the big advantages to having a boiling water tap is that you really can get rid of the kettle. There isn’t a job that your kettle can do that a Quooker can’t. Filling saucepans, sterilising baby bottles, cleaning dishes – it’s all on tap. Add to that that a Quooker only costs 3p a day to run and it’s an obvious addition to any kitchen!

If you would like to see a working Quooker Fusion tap please pop into our showroom and we’d be happy to demonstrate it for you.

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