Why We Love Bi-fold Doors

Why We Love Bi-fold Doors

With slim frames and large expanses of glass, bi-fold doors not only look very attractive, but they also serve the purpose of connecting the inside with the outside seamlessly. Creating a natural extension of your living space with a bright opening to your garden, they are ever increasing in popularity, and we believe they are here to stay for the long run.

Read on to find out more about the positives in bi-fold doors:

Easier to entertain outside

One of the best things about bi-fold doors is that you can blend outdoor and indoor living harmoniously. When the huge expanse of glass is unfolded, a large opening is revealed, with often even level flooring into the outside world, making entertaining in both spaces simultaneously, very simple.

Brings in natural light

With a full wall of doors, rather than walls, inevitably it will be brighter – but given how slim the frames are, you are also minimising any shadows that would have been cast by them. They offer significantly more light than the average door and can truly do wonders to the atmosphere of a room – transforming even dim, small ones into bright spaces.

Contemporary and stylish look

A great way to modernise a space is to add bi-fold doors. Undeniably chic, they can change the feeling of a room whilst also adding a great deal of light making it brighter and airier, which goes hand in hand with modern living.

Increase the value of your home

Good quality bi-fold doors are an extremely attractive to prospective buyers, with some experts estimating they add around 5% to the resale valuation of properties with them installed. So whilst they are not a cheap purchase, they are well worth the investment – and make for extremely enjoyable living!


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