Kitchen Seating Options

Kitchen Seating Options

The kitchen is the central hub of the home. Typically, it is where people gather around to enjoy the company of others, and where delicious food is created. For some, it might also serve the purpose as a home working space and where the family typically dines. It is fair to say the kitchen must work hard to fulfil all its functions.

One thing that most of our clients want is to incorporate a comfortable, functional seating area to dine, socialise or work. From snug booth tables with benches, to high top island chairs, there’s lots of different options which work with kitchens of all sizes and styles. Read on to discover some of these.

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Kitchen Island Seating

As well as acting as the focal point in many kitchens, a kitchen island or extension of the worktop can serve as a great spot for raised breakfast bar seating. From informal bar stools that can be tucked under the worktop when not in use for smaller kitchens, to comfortable, lavish backed raised chairs which look great in a contemporary space, the options are not limited. You can choose to opt for a worktop material the same as the rest of your kitchen worktops or pick something contrasting. For comfort, timber is a good option as the material will be warm; quartz and granite can feel quite chilly to sit at.

Table Adjoining Island

With both bespoke solutions and pre-made options from our partners at Masterclass Kitchens, dropped table-adjoining island seating is a great option for those who want island seating but prefer the “table” style seating. Offering further comfort to island seating, especially when sitting down to eat or working from a computer, adjoining the island and table keeps the seating around the focal point of the room.

Open Plan kitchen with Table in the Centre

More traditionally found in country cottage kitchens, opting for a kitchen table in the middle of your kitchen may offer you many more advantages than what first meets the eye. Given it is not built into your kitchen, it not only gives you flexibility to replace it when you please, but also you can add real character to a room by purchasing something antique. Generally more cost effective than other options, it also gives you lots of additional worktop space when needed and is perfect for home-workers.

Built in seating

Take advantage of a nook in your existing kitchen layout, or an area off your kitchen island if you have space, to create built-in bench dining. Without adding clutter to the room flow, this option can be space saving by utilising all available space and creating lots of seating space. Sophisticated in design, these look great in contemporary kitchens.


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