Kitchen Islands With Limited Space

Kitchen Islands With Limited Space

It is the top of the wishlist for many of our clients – having a kitchen island is aspirational. Acting as the centrepiece, the kitchen island does not only add style, it is practical. With additional workspace for cooking, it also creates extra storage and seating options. And the good news? They are not just suited to large spaces, they also work well in a more cosy kitchen.

We’ve summarised below how to make a kitchen island work in a smaller space, as well as the benefits.

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Serving as your dining table

With more limited space, a kitchen island may give you the option to have an area where you can dine in your kitchen. Choose stools that can neatly fit underneath the worktop, taking up very little room which can be pulled out as and when they are needed.

Additional worktop space

However big a kitchen is, worktop space never seems to be in abundance – and this is especially true with a smaller kitchen.

Design benefits

There can be some hesitation when designing a smaller kitchen to keep things simple. Having a kitchen island offers up the perfect opportunity to mix and match colours and materials.

You choose the size

There is no fixed size or shape to a kitchen island so they can be any size you want, bespoke to fit the space that you have available.

Extra storage space

As well as adding the obvious extra space on the top, a kitchen island gives you the option to add storage underneath. With more and more kitchen appliances on offer, the need for storage is ever increasing!

Consider a kitchen peninsula

A kitchen island does not have to be in the centre of the room which might interrupt the flow of a room. Instead, you can opt for a kitchen peninsula which might work better in some smaller spaces.


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