Welcome to the Seymour Kitchens portfolio. Based in Guildford, Surrey we have been crafting kitchens, and custom-built furniture for other rooms for the last 35 years. One of Surrey’s best known suppliers of bespoke and fitted kitchens and furniture, we are also proud suppliers of Masterclass Kitchens.

From very traditional shaker kitchens with a “country” feel, to modern, contemporary spaces, we have styles for every taste in an array from different styles. Our showroom is always updating what is on display so we can show our range of different kitchens and furniture, but you will always be sure to view some of our own in-frame bespoke cabinetry.

Take a look below at some kitchens from our custom-made portfolio which have been crafted in our adjoining workshop, and the most popular ranges from Masterclass Kitchens. You can click on the links to see the full catalogue of images.

Custom-Made Bespoke Kitchens

Working around the shape and style of your space, our bespoke kitchens are made to measure, and storage is designed with only you and your family in mind. Handcrafted in our adjoining workshop, our custom-made kitchens are as durable as they are attractive.

Materclass Sutton

With clean lines to showcase a modern, slab style design, Sutton is wonderfully elegant. Finished in a beautifully smooth Silk finish, its cold pressed engineering makes it a perfect choice for any home.

Materclass Hatfield

With a traditional grained painted look, the Hatfield range creates beautifully classic kitchens. The five piece shaker door is available with an on-trend colour palette, absolutely perfect for mixing and matching so you can create a kitchen totally in your own style, unique to you. 

Materclass Ashbourne

Traditional 2

The quintessential classic shaker kitchen. Ashbourne is a range that everyone will love. Radiating luxury, whilst retaining classic detailing, it is super stylish and works well in a relaxed, family home.

Materclass Hampton

A beautifully flowing modern design with clean lines and bold colours, Hampton is simple yet striking. The range comes with a silk painted finish which looks modern and contemporary and works well for those homes that have a touch more time to care for their kitchen.

Materclass Marlborough

With a simple, traditional elegance, the Marlborough range is the epitome shaker style sophistication. With a silk painted finish, it is ideal for those who want a bit of luxury in their kitchen. 

Materclass H Line Madoc

A contemporary design: the Madoc H Line range is a very versatile handleless design. With a spectrum of different wood and stone effect finishes, its ultra-modern look creates a wonderfully rustic finish, ideal for any lifestyle.

Materclass Larna

Modern, and contemporary, the Larna range has attractive lines which works well in busy homes. The style is very forgiving of smudges, marks and fingerprints!

Materclass Hardwick

Pure and classic, the Hardwick range works well in homes of all tastes. It is a painted shaker style which offers up a classic style, but with a contemporary finish which looks sophisticated and pure.

Materclass Deco

The Deco range is bold and luxurious. The stone effect will add a dramatic finish to any kitchen, whether it’s the main feature or a complimentary accent. Modern and contemporary, Deco is also ideal for all homes as it is a durable finish that is forgiving to smudges, marks and fingerprints!



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We will arrange a time to speak to you about your kitchen plans to hear all about your preferences – including style, household requirements, colours, what appliances you want etc – we’re here to answer all your questions!

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Working closely with you to craft your perfect kitchen, each design is tailored to the client by hand. We can provide you with 3D visuals of the designs, adapting until you are fully satisfied. Timelines will be determined and design fees may apply for 3D visuals.

Cabinets Crafted

Once the design is finalised and the deposit received, your cabinets will then be made in our on-site workshop, or ordered from our fitted kitchen partners, Masterclass Kitchens.


Installation will follow and your perfect kitchen will be yours to use.


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