Spotlight On The Waterfall Worktop

Spotlight On The Waterfall Worktop

A waterfall worktop is one in which the countertop gives the illusion of “flowing” from the top of the countertop, by dropping vertically from the horizonal surface to the floor and producing a “waterfall” effect, hence the name.

Trending in design, these waterfall edges can create a stylish focal point in the kitchen which is also both practical and hygienic. Read on to discover more of the advantages of these Waterfall Worktops. If any of these ideas have inspired you to begin designing your kitchen with Seymour Kitchens, get in touch with us on  01483 573 989 or email We look forward to hearing from you.

Modern “In Vogue” Design

The clean-cut lines and sleek look of the waterfall worktop design looks effortlessly stylish and lends itself well in a contemporary kitchen space.

Creates A Stylish Focal Point In The Kitchen

Ideal for kitchen islands, given it can be viewed from all different angles within the same room, the waterfall worktop design has a real “wow” factor. You can play with different designs including mix and match cabinets and countertops in different parts of the kitchen to emphasise the waterfall edges further.

Protects The Base Cabinets

As the waterfall worktops flow over the edges of all your cabinets, the cabinets will not be subject to the usual wear and tear from knocks, cracks and chippings, hence lasting for much longer.

More Hygienic 

With no seams for food particles or bacteria to be caught in, the waterfall edging is an excellent choice when considering the hygiene of the kitchen. Simply wiped from the counter to the floor, the flush surface makes keeping your kitchen clean, very simple.


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