New Innovations from our Partners at Masterclass Kitchens

New Innovations from our Partners at Masterclass Kitchens

We’re thrilled to partner with Masterclass Kitchens. Not only do they produce high quality kitchens, they are also extremely innovative. Consistently looking for ways to improve their products, they are always bringing out new designs, ranges and finishes to inspire and excite their customers.

Their latest release of products includes a new cabinet style which eliminates the need for centre mullions in the cabinets, increasing the storage space, a whole host of new kitchen handles and finishes, as well as contemporary sliding and bi-fold cabinet doors.

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Internal Cabinets

Remove the central mullions within the cabinets, and you’ve immediately gained up to 30% more storage space. As well as this, it gives uninterrupted space, meaning you can fit larger, wider items in the cabinets. We also think it’s more pleasing to the eye!

New Kitchen Handles

Masterclass Kitchens have released a whole new range of kitchen handles. From Monmouth cup and knob candles, and Calgary pull, knob and cup handles, to Henley knurled knob and bar handle, and modern T-pull and double T-pull handles, there is a broad selection. Get in touch with us to see images of the full collection.

New Finishes

Masterclass have launched a new selection of finishes which are contemporary in design. These include a deco Porcelana gold and silver, a Madoc driftwood, Henley oak, Hoxton oak and urban suede. We’ve got images of all the range, so get in touch if you want to find out more.

Sliding Cabinet Doors

Opt for something a bit different in your next kitchen and go for one of Masterclass Kitchens new innovative sliding cabinet doors. There’s a choice between sideline sliding cabinets and bifold cabinets. We think they look great!


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